5 Tips of Using Laser Rangefinder

It is believed that laser rangefinders are difficult to use as they need steady handling. This is not the truth necessarily although it requires some practice to get used to using it. Golfers should be at the position to use the rangefinders at the first trials. Below are some of the tips from Rangefindernow.com.

1. Watching videos showing how laser rangefinder is used.

It is said rightly that visualization makes a better learning tool. Click on YouTube then search for your rangefinder. Consider choosing videos with many views or else choose videos designed by the rangefinder manufacturer. You may also watch the instructor video provided on the website or social media of the manufacturer. You may be required to try several videos to locate the best, but once you get that helpful video, it becomes so helpful compared to any other instructions giving mode. Use visualization power for the achievement of manufacturer’s recommendations.After watching the videos, go through the instructions even though the rangefinder did not come with any. You can visit the manufacturer’s website for the instructions which aid in clarifying any unclear information that was shown in the video. In the presence of pictures, study all the displayed information. Afterwards, aim the laser at a bigger target about twenty to thirty yards away then understand the target you see on display.

2. PinHunter, First Target, and PinSeeker Priority Mode.

The best-known golf rangefinders manufacturers use the terms to explain a technology used to analyze the distance before the flag compared to things behind the flag. These technologies work best and aid golfers not steady with their hands while using a laser. Target on the ground your rangefinder then press the ranging button quickly. This brings on the display, the reticle. Now you may rightly aim at a target then push a button. This reduces error chances though elimination of any possibility of bunker or hills hitting.

3. Practice on close pins.

Take your rangefinder to a range with flags for practice on the shooting of the flags. Begin with flags at a closest distance and ensure you consistently hit the correct distance before moving on to the next. Target not the pin only but also the flag. Flags are much better to it. Most of the driving ranges fitted with flags also indicate the distance before reaching each flag such that you verify the distance.

4. Matching your distance with your location.

Even though you become a pro in using the laser rangefinder, always remember to get a distance that matches with all you know about your current location. For instance, if five yards before a 150 maker then you read 98 yards, you might be required to laser your target another time.

5. Maintain your practice on huge targets which are within fifty and hundred yards.

Get outside the house or else go to a driving range. Aim at any huge target despite the house location be it across a street or if at the range at any end. You should take less time to determine distances before getting to the large targets which are close. In case of any troubles with distance determination, consult your instruction manual.

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