Most Popular Cigar Humidors

Any cigar choice that is remarkable deserves appropriate treatment. Otherwise, these 100s of dollars you only spent on a wonderful assortment of sticks is going to be invested in vain, squandered due to poor storage. If you’re planning on maintaining an assortment of cigars available in the house, it serves you well to buy a humidor. Why? Developed to the fine pleasing sticks we understand and want to toast because like a good wine, cigars are a product of dampness and temperature control. A humidor functions to make the perfect atmospheric surroundings – when it comes to temperature and humidity – to keep your cigars at their finest, from drying them out, preventing more rigorous surroundings.

Ideally, cigars are best stored in an environment where the humidity (a measure of atmospheric moisture) ranges between 70 and 75-percent, and in a temperature between 68 and 70 levels. They’re a lot no question, but then this starts to make a little more sense if you recognize the areas in which tobacco was grown, fermented, and rolled. An excellent humidor then operates to produce these surroundings that are perfect so that you can keep up the integrity of your cigar collection. And just such as the cigar world, all of the humidors on the market is mind-boggling and vast, with quality straight correlating with all the cost. Nevertheless, we could locate five choices that are excellent within each cost tier that will handle you as well as your cigars simply wonderful. Whether you’re prepared to pay thousands of or $200, we got you covered in this listing of the five finest humidors. Keep in mind, take good care of your cigars, and they’ll take good care of you.


If that is your first time purchasing and are searching for a starter humidor that is reliable, it doesn’t get a lot better than this offer from Prestige Import Group that maintain and could safely fit up to 120 of your preferred cigars in its surroundings that are managed. It’s also worth understanding that about building, it’s exceptionally suggested the humidor functions Spanish Cedar in its style. It’s perhaps not only for appearances but instead because of the truth that Spanish Cedar is exceptionally resistant to wet, meaning that it won’t warp as time passes.

Obviously, this piece comes with a Spanish Cedar inner make-up, as well as a gold framed outside hydrometer (a device employed to get a handle on and show humidity inside the humidor). The Prestige also hosts facade and a glass leading and is finished in glossy. A fine opening piece in instruction for virtually any cigar fan.

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